A unique luxury experience in Paris, le Marais

Since 2004



A jewelry workshop with a cocktail feast!

If you have already been to the Louvre andthe Eiffel Tower and are looking for
a non-touristy luxury activity, you are at the right place!
Get ready for a one-of-a-kind authentic experience. Get ready to literally sit
in a jewelry designer’s chair.
Class is in English. You are welcome to practice your French too!

The experience will take place in our beautiful studio in the amazing le Marais
district in the heart of Paris. At the workshop or “atelier” in French, the feel is homy.
You will love our small groups or privatized sessions!
First, we will have a feast brunch, lunch or dinner with wine and we will get to know
each other.
Next, you will explore the collections.
Then you will proceed to design your own  piece of  JUST ART! PARIS  jewelry.

A unique piece for a unique you! You will work on your project for as long
as time allows.
I will then finalize the work and ship it to you after quality control is completed.
Our repeat customers would say that they love it because every session is unique
and so much fun!
A new amazing experience every time ! Want to know more? Follow us.

“A unique non touristy experience in Paris “

A collection is a color...

At the studio, you fall in love with a color. A color is a collection…

The SAFARI collection… and its fusion of earth colors, the COSMOS collection…  and its universal message, the DEEP OCEAN collection…  and its delicate balance.
Your job now is to design a piece to complete the current AMAZING collection. What shape do you have in mind?
Or rather, what shape are you going to want to explore when you get here? Are you ready?


A mockup is your own design...

An experience is personalized...

Today, the designer is you!